Dear Artists,

Our hearts go out to all of you – what a difficult week it has been for all of us.  We are so sorry that our 32nd Annual Spring Show was cancelled; it was a complete shock to us to be closed by the governor’s office with such short notice.  To our veteran artists, thank you for hanging in there with such grace; we appreciate the supportive emails and texts you’ve sent to us more than you know. To those of you who we were looking forward to meeting for the first time, please know that this is a devastating way to introduce ourselves.  We will warmly welcome you to our festival family soon. The success of our artists is our success, together we make up a unique web of small businesses that only exist successfully together. As we see shows cancel nation-wide, we feel the pain of vendors & promoters directly.

The 40 hour lead-time that we had cancelling our event was particularly unfortunate.  So many of you had already traveled to Albuquerque… we had already set up the show, marked out the booths, deliveries had been delivered, programs had been printed.  Our billboards had been up for a month, TV had been running for two weeks, newspaper ads were running, radio ads on 6 stations, postcards out, marketing emails created and sent, Facebook & Instagram posts slated… the list goes on.  Stopping on a dime was impossible. Had we been cancelled even a week prior, or a few weeks prior, we may have been able to avoid many of these hard expenses; instead they were legitimately incurred expenses and thus we are obligated to pay for all services that were provided for us.

As an organization, we lose money with zero attendees, and we are in the same boat as you having spent money upfront but having no customers. Our insurance policy, which we had hoped would help us out in this situation, excludes losses caused by viruses.  All surplus and refunds that we have been able to obtain are being passed along to our vendors.  We will be sending each of you a check for a 20% refund of your booth fees. In addition to this, you have guaranteed acceptance, a waived jury fee and a coupon for 10% off of Spring 2021’s booth fees.  To encourage our festival-goers to purchase directly, we have added websites from your Zapp accounts to our online gallery and sent an email to our 40,000 attendees encouraging them to shop directly with you. Please check our site and make sure that your listing is correct, and if it is not send us what you would like listed, even if it’s a facebook page or phone number.  Furthermore, we will be reaching out to insurance agencies who may be able to add-on individual policies for our artists so you can opt for protection from unforeseen circumstances in the future.

Should you wish to view the legal clause that was agreed to by all applicants, you may view it through your Zapplication or on Artist Resources.  

We have heard from many of you that some shows are offering higher refunds.  Those festivals may be structured completely differently than we are structured.  Many outdoor shows that were cancelled are run by cities or non-profits and have corporate sponsorships & funding & large volunteer forces.  Many do not advertise extensively, and may have all services donated. We are in a totally different situation from those event organizations. 

Please know that we are doing everything we can to be fair to all of you while we all try to stay afloat in this uncharted territory.  Your future success is our biggest incentive to keep on keeping on – now more so than ever. You all mean so much to us. Take care and hang in there, we will have checks in the mail by the end of the week sent to the address on your Zapp account unless otherwise directed.

Thank you for your patience,

Ruth, Liz, Emily & Jill