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The information on this page is for participants in the Rio Grande Spring Show.

Show Details

Show Dates: March 8, 9, 10, 2019
Times: Friday 10-5, Saturday 10-5, Sunday 10-4
Location: Expo New Mexico, Albuquerque NM

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Booth sitters available

Artist Relaxation Station – area with microwave, tables, chairs and snacks

Help-for-hire available during load-in & load-out.

Free Wifi! | Onsite tech support! | Text alert system (you're already added!)

Coffeecake and healthy food options each morning, plus coffee, tea, and treats throughout the day

Artist Party with live music, food and drink for artists after close on Friday!

Parking passes provided for each exhibitor, as well as 4 free tickets to give to customers or friends

Free shuttles provided to and from the parking lots

Security escorts & 24/7 security onsite

Make a splash! Work that is presented attractively can be an important factor in sales as well as a positive contribution to the overall appearance of the show. Please plan your booth carefully and make sure it's attractive and easy for customers to come in and look at your work.

BYOW. Bring your own walls. Per application rules, artists may not rely on neighbors for sidewalls. Open shelving or grids should have a solid panel behind them. Exhibitors who do not provide partitions must rent pipe and draping from the Festival. Rentals are available in advance through the Zapp Shop; at the festival they are a premium price. *Culinary Row vendors do not have to bring side partitions, but a back wall / drape is necessary.*

Tent Structures Canopy frames may be used, but canopy walls or top are not a professional look for indoors. Tent tops also may be burnt by the venue's heaters.

Tables Tables must be covered or skirted to the floor on all sides showing, with a suitable, professional looking cover.

Signage Please display the artist sign with name, booth number and state that was provided at check-in. No "Sale" or "Discount" signs. All signs should look professional. No signs or flyers advertising other shows or businesses.

Boundaries Displays must be contained within booth boundaries and may not interfere with adjacent booths or aisle space in any way. No over hangs, extensions, bins, or display items of any kind may be outside of the boundaries of the booth, especially if disruptive to traffic flow for neighbors. One exhibitor chair may be in aisle adjacent to the booth. Please DO NOT set up exhibitor chairs or other belongings across from booth or in the common areas.

Storage Please conceal any storage areas, bins etc. from view, under a table or within one of our storage closets.

Electricity is $65, and is limited to one 400-watt outlet per booth. This can be purchased through the Zapp shop or at the festival.

Here are the do's & don'ts!...

Please DO NOT

1. Do not use household light duty extension cords

2. Do not use more than one power strip in the same line of power; for instance, do not plug one power strip into another power strip.

3. Do not use a block style multi outlet adapter AT ALL. (it is a block w/ one plug on one side and multiple receptacles on the other side).

4. Do not use a 3 prong cord with one prong cut off – it is only grounded with all three prongs.

5. Halogen lights are not allowed.

Please DO

1. Use a multi-tap grounded extension cord is approved. It has several outlets on the female end of the plug. It comes in a variety of lengths, does not have surge protection, and is different than a power strip.

2. Use a power strip plugged directly into the outlet or a grounded extension cord is approved. Specifics: This is a short grounded cord w/ 6 plug receptacles, an on/off switch and surge protection. Your power strips must be 14 gauge and have surge protection. Do not exceed the manufacturers rating for wattage on the power strip. Listing must be for at least 400 watts (400 watts is less than 5 amps).

3. Use LED or energy efficient lighting >> HIGHLY encouraged!

Buy-sell will not be tolerated. No imports, manufactured items, or work that has been produced from kits, patterns, plans, prefabricated forms or other commercial means can be sold by exhibiting artists and craftsmen in this show. Any commercially produced parts must play a subordinate role and be incorporated into the work. They may not be sold separately.

Stay true to your application. Do not display jewelry in your booth if it was not submitted for jurying and accepted – or any other category that you were not juried in for. Festival management may ask you to remove anything that you were not juried in for - in which case full cooperation is expected.

Reproductions must be marked. Prints and giclees must be represented as reproductions of work.

Be present. Artist must be present at the festival to show and sell their work directly. Representatives are not permitted to attend in place of the artist. Representatives are okay in the culinary arts area.

Common areas. In each hall, there is a 'plaza area' with astroturf, benches / tables so that customers may take a break and enjoy watching entertainment. These plaza areas are to be kept clear for foot traffic, they are not for hosting exhibitor chairs, registers or personal belongings.

Not kidding about the kiddos! Children accompanying artists for the weekend must always be accompanied an adult and may not roam freely around the festival. They are welcome to visit the Kid's Creation Station for one hour per day. Also, please do not display objectionable items that are not fit for a family-friendly environment. Artists will be required to remove anything that isn't fit for young eyes!

Service pets only. Pets are not permitted at the festival unless they are certified service pets accompanied by paperwork.

Hilton Garden Inn | Uptown
Rate: $99 pl tax
Amenities: Complimentary WI-Fi and a 24-hour Business Center, complimentary fitness center and a full-service restaurant on the property providing everything you need to make your stay successful.
Booking: Call 505-944-0300, mention RGACF
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Candlewood Suites
Rate: Best Available
Amenities: Pets welcome, 24 hour fitness center, laundry onsite, secure parking lot
Booking: Call 505-888-3424 or visit Website
Air BnB's
Check close options Click here!

During the show:
During show hours you will need to have a parking pass (provided at check-in) to enter EXPO NM on show days. The pass will be in your check-in packet. Additional passes may be purchased from us for $7.50 each for booth assistants in advance (Zapp Shop) and at the show. Daily parking, without a pass, is $5.00 per day – the parking attendants will not recognize you and may not let you in if you do not have your pass with you. Artists park east of the Manuel Lujan Building or as directed by the parking attendants.
Trailer Drop:
If you have a trailer that you need to access during the show, once you are done unloading it please park it along the east wall of the parking lot east of the Manuel Lujan Building, do not drop elsewhere without permission. If you DO NOT need to access your trailer during the show, please park in the RV parking lot near Gate 3 so we do not block our artist parking lot all weekend with empty trailers.
EXPO NM offers RV parking with or without hookups. The RV parking is in a designated area southwest of the Manuel Lujan Building. As you enter EXPO NM from San Pedro and turn east on Copper @ Gate 3, you will see the large lot to the right. We chose not to have EXPO assign parking spaces. It is easy to spot the hook ups near the chain link fence.
Reserving Overnight @ Expo:
If you have any questions or would like to reserve a spot, please call Susan Rebman, who manages RV parking for Expo New Mexico at 505-222-9707. The other number you will need is for the security company – Securitas 24 hours (505) 401-5095. There will be restrooms in the RV area unlocked for the duration of the Festival and there are showers available, though these facilities leave a lot to be desired. EXPO staff will connect with you and confirm how long you will be there, hook ups or not then give you a sign/calendar to place in your window and collect your money. Approximate price $25-$35 per night.

Set-Up: Thursday, March 7 from 9a-6p, (must check-in by 4p)!
Upon arrival, vendors will check in at the west entrance of the Manuel Lujan Building of Expo NM. Check-in packets include festival information, name badge(s), booth sign, a parking pass, and free admission passes. Load-in can take place through any of the venue's overhead doors that line the perimeter. Please be cognizant if others are waiting for a space. Do not drop trailers in high-traffic areas. Load-in must be complete by 6p, when the building will be secured, but working in booths may continue.
Finishing Touches: Friday 8a-9:30 NO LOAD-IN!
Tear-Down: Sunday at 4p

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Tax rate is 6.4375%!