Rules & Regulations – Spring 2018

ARTIST RESTRICTIONS:  Buy-sell will not be tolerated.  No imports, manufactured items, or work that has been produced from kits, patterns, plans, prefabricated forms or other commercial means can be sold by exhibiting artists and craftsmen in this show.  Works may incorporate some commercially produced parts, but the design and execution must be primarily the product of the exhibiting artist’s skill.  Any commercially produced parts must play a subordinate role and be incorporated into the work.  They may not be sold separately.  Do not display jewelry in your booth if it was not submitted for jurying and accepted.  Please do not display objectionable items that are not fit for a family-friendly environment.  Artists will be required to remove anything that does not fit within the festival guidelines; should an artist choose not to comply they may be asked to leave.  Live musical demonstrations must be limited to a total of 15 minutes per hour.  We appreciate your cooperation!

ARTIST PRESENCE:  Artist must be present, and showcasing only the work which was accepted by the jury.  Representatives are not permitted to attend in place of the artist.

SPECIALTY FOODS & PRODUCTS:  A limited number of booths are reserved for specialty food sampling and also body products, soaps, etc.  Vendors applying for sampling space must submit images of their products and booth as well as submit samples.  These specialty booths are grouped together and have a separate acceptance process.  Culinary vendors are accepted based on product quality, taste, originality and the variety they add to ‘Culinary Row’.  

WEBSITE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Upon acceptance, one professional image of the artist’s work will be selected for representation on our website.  Images that are not professional looking may not be represented.  If you do not permit use of your images for promotional purposes, please let us know.  Any images we use are always clearly promoting the artist and crediting their work. 

REPRODUCTIONS: Prints and giclees must be represented as reproductions of work.  

SALES TAX AND BUSINESS REGISTRATION:  Sales tax at EXPO New Mexico is 6.4375%.  You are responsible for collecting and reporting your own taxes.  Tax packets will be available upon arrival. 

PAYMENT AND CANCELLATION POLICY:  Full payment must be made by JANUARY 15, 2018; this is also the last date to cancel and receive all money back but a non-refundable $100.  From January 16th to February 15th, artists who cancel will receive a refund of 50% of the total booth fees.  After February 15th, a maximum refund of 20% can be offered.  If booth fees are not paid in full by the designated deadline, and a payment plan has not been previously arranged, booth may be cancelled and resold without a refund.  LATE PAYMENTS WARRANT LOSS OF CORNER PRIVILEGE. 

PETS: Pets are not permitted at the festival unless they are service pets. 

CHILDREN: Children accompanying artists for the weekend must always be accompanied an adult and may not roam freely around the festival.  They are welcome to visit the Kid’s Creation Station for one hour per day.