Planning Your Display

Approximately 185 booth spaces are available. All spaces are 10′ deep.  Exhibitors must supply their own professional back and side walls – canopy walls or tops are not acceptable. Draping may be rented – purchase in advance to avoid premium charge. 400 watts of electricity may still be purchased if you have not done so already.  Overnight security will be provided during the Festival.

Work that is presented attractively can be an important factor in sales as well as a positive contribution to the overall appearance of the show. Please plan your booth carefully and make sure it’s attractive and easy for customers to come in and look at your work.

  • Each booth must have solid fire-proofed display panels or draping on the back and sides to create a partition between booths as well as a backdrop behind it.  Artists may not rely on neighbors for sidewalls. Open shelving or grids should have a solid panel behind them. If booth backs up to a wall, cover wall in same manner as side walls. Exhibitors who do not provide partitions must rent pipe and draping from the Festival. Canopy frames may be used, but canopy walls are not a professional look for indoors. We prefer that canopy tops are not used indoors.
  • Specialty Vendors in Culinary Row – must provide a backdrop for your booth, but because Culinary Row has a market feel to it, side walls are not mandatory, but optional
  • Tables must be covered or skirted to the floor on all sides showing, with a suitable, professional looking cover.
  • Carpet is recommended. Tape edges down.
  • Display our artist booth sign in your booth.
  •  No “Sale” or “Discount” signs. All signs should look professional.
  • No signs or flyers advertising other shows or businesses.
  • Displays must be contained within booth boundaries and may not interfere with adjacent booths or aisle space in any way. No over hangs, extensions, bins, or display items of any kind may be outside of the boundaries of the booth.
  • One exhibitor chair may be in aisle adjacent to the booth. Do not place exhibitor chair or other belongings in Festival common areas.
  • Please do not attach anything to rented draping.
  • Exhibitor will reimburse Festival for inflicting damage to premises or equipment.